What to do in your first 10 days of moving into the United Kingdom countryside

Finally, I moved out of our house and moved into another country as well. It was at first devastating to be leaving a comfortable life, safe around your family members but for our dreams, here we are. Sharing with you the first few insights of a 20-something girl who moved alone to the Queen’s land from an Asian country.

  1. Familiarize the devices.

It is difficult for the first few days. When I saw my room, I thought this was it, what I did not prepare for is that I actually have no idea how things work. The door lock, the shower, the TV, and other things. Learning about my new environment somehow excited me but sometimes it is exhausting.

2. Ready the English

English Countryside accent is not what you hear in British TV series. It’s difficult to have conversations or to speak their language. I have fair to good English speaking skills but it is not good enough when you speak with the locals. Also, they don’t care if you understood them or not. They like to assume (I guess) that English is also our language.

3. Be ready with your melatonin tablets.

Adjusting with your body clock is a challenge. I think adjusting to the time is going to take weeks and would be quite easier if one would go outside. Melatonin tablets or antihistamines can be an option, and also remember that tea has caffeine.

4. Adjust the taste buds

I was about to say that food is horrible but I might be just in the wrong place. Let’s just say it was a problem. It’s a different world of foods. I finally understood why the potato famine was in history books.

5. Get documents ready

This one’s automatic. You’ll be setting up many things when you arrive but most importantly, you need to open a bank account. I am amazed how you can actually apply online and get your card delivered but you need to have the right requirements.

6. Go easy on shopping

Online shopping is quite expensive. Usually, online shopping could save you lots of money but it’s quite the opposite here. Amazon and e-bay are the popular ones but I’d like to shop on Shein where it’s cheaper.

7. Mobile load is expensive.

You might need to load up on the first few days of your UK sim card. It’s expensive but just take every opportunity to connect to free wifi in many public places. There you download, upload, and video chat, don’t do it with your mobile data otherwise you’ll end up feeling robbed of pounds.

8. Moisturize

The weather is drying not for your clothes but for your skin. I don’t understand the chemistry behind this but just prepare the hand cream, lip balms, and body lotion.

9. Be nice.

People are nice here but don’t feel special, they are nice to everyone. They are going to ask you if you are alright but 90% if not a hundred of those who ask you actually cares. It’s like a form of greeting to them, no, they don’t want to know if you are actually okay.

I’d have to add more to this but writing this is more of a short memoir of my first few days. It’s not meant to judge English people or compare them with other races. I’d like to think that I will look back to this answer with a different opinion after a couple of weeks or even years. Cheers!



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