Living Alone Diaries (Spring Season)

  1. Cooking new recipes. There are many fruits and vegetables that are in the season during spring and they are so much cheaper so you could enjoy cooking without feeling guilty for your bank account.
  2. Walking alone. If you feel like your area is safe, walk alone outside. The weather plus the daylight until 8 pm is an advantage on your side. Walk to the grocery store or to your workplace and get that exercise ticked on your to-do list.
  3. Riding a bike. It would be great if all our roads have that safe bicycle lane. However, some of us are scared to hit the road because of the worry that we might be shoved to the pavement. I am worried about this, the reason why I don’t have a bicycle. In my ideal spring set-up, I imagine a bicycle and a house nearby my workplace. So, I could just ride a bike and live like an old lady.
  4. Deep cleaning. When I was a kid, we used to deep clean our home during the last week of April because we have festivities at home during May. I feel like I have brought that tradition with me that it really made me feel to clean every corner of my room when spring started. This task is so therapeutic and rewarding thereafter, just make sure you have the right tools to make it less stressful.
  5. Reading. This should be in every season, however, reading during springtime is so much more relaxing because you can read outside and in the daylight. It’s great that at 5 pm when I am about to wind down from the day, I still could read next to my window without the use of a reading light. It’s also a great time to read self-help or motivational books because the season is a season of hope, growth, and changes.
  6. Being creative. Whether it is related to music, art, or beauty it’s a great time to explore one’s creative side. Creativity usually happens when we have more time on our hands. So instead of feeling the need to go out because the weather is great outside, I use the time to satisfy that creative side. Come the harder season, I may have found another hobby to fill in the time of being alone.
  7. Falling in love. This is about having crushes or being open to the potential of being with someone. It’s okay to live alone but we must acknowledge the fact that spring is a season for mating, even if that context is within the animal kingdom. People have a lighter mood during spring so it’s nice to get out there and explore the possibilities of having a potential lover or even friend.
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Minimal Living. #LivingAloneDiaries #Expat

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Sophie Metropolis

Sophie Metropolis

Minimal Living. #LivingAloneDiaries #Expat

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