How To Be Comfortable With The Idea of Living Alone?

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash
  1. We live in a world where everyone is a call and text away.
    Should you feel like it’s lonely try to call your loved ones or have a chat with your friends. This makes you be a part of other people’s lives and them on yours. If possible and you prefer it, you can visit your family. Sometimes the time spent away from our families is what we all need to appreciate them in our lives more.
  2. There are so many activities you can do, you might never have time for others.
    Pursuing one's passion in this world of accessibility is easy. You could learn to play musical instruments, read books, do exercises or yoga, meditate, and learn a new language or skill. This could kill time spent alone. The focus you’ll have can make you even more passionate and successful in what you want to pursue. It could also make you not feel that you are alone.
  3. There are people who are not compatible with us.
    It’s okay to not live with a partner, spouse, or relative. Sometimes it’s better to let go of people when you believe that it would be best for both worlds. When you live with someone or others and you are miserable, might as well live with yourself and enjoy solitude.
  4. You can have pets or plants.
    I know these are no substitute for human connection but I have seen people in their old age who thrived and were happy by having dogs or cats or just tending their own garden. Sometimes, I even think that they are living their best lives.
  5. There’s more control in life.
    We could not control everything in this world but when you are alone you have a higher chance to be in a little bit of control than when you live with other people. The money that you have is more in control, the travel is more planned, and the time is more flexible for you.
  6. You have an insurance company.
    Or do you? If you don’t have one, it’s okay I am not gonna sell you one. This is sometimes given when you have been employed. Health insurance could be sometimes expensive but if it takes away a little of your stress then start getting it. A pension can also make you feel a little comfortable being alone when you get older.
  7. You are really not alone.
    For me, I don’t seem like I am alone. There are always people who help us in many forms. Like the services we get from our landlords, the food that is prepared and delivered, and the online purchases we have on our doors. All of these are just things that prove that we live in a social circle. There are so many people working in the background of our lives that allows us to live independently.



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Sophie Metropolis

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